Always seeing what's wrong, why can't I stick to the truth?
Always chasing a dream, I've got to start live in reality.
The truth is painful, I know, but I started the show and now I have to end it to.
It's the simple rule of life, it isn't hard to understand.
But now I pushed it to far, it's to hard for me to handle.
Can't continue living this way....

Got to tell you what I feel, can't keep it a secret anymore.
Got to get this out of my head.
If there's another way of doing this, believe me I would do it,
But for now I have to make sure you know how I think.
If I hold on now, I think it could turn out alright.
But if it doesn't , I have to find a way to move on..

Still need to make sure you see me
Still need to try
Still need to hold on...
Still need to work this out
Still need to wipe these tears
Still need to hold on...


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